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Delivered by our partners at PiP, individuality is at the heart of everything they provide. Each and every client has different goals and PiP will always design a bespoke service based on your team's needs, providing solutions based on your business objectives. 


Starting with in-depth Research, we will tailor every aspect of the training session to suit your team. Based on your objectives, PiP will structure a programme to maximise the impact of every moment, working with groups and on a one-to-one basis. 

Each relationship has clear, measurable objectives, a planned agenda of development topics and a personal, clear action plan for each participant. The coach operates as trainer but also encourager, critical friend and mentor. 

Learn more about our training specialities below and enquire about our training offering for your business here.

Leadership Development

Most lucky people remember their first good manager (and pretty much all of us remember our poor managers).  The good manager was the person who challenged, directed, encouraged and coached us to succeed and then celebrated our success.  They were there when needed and got out of our way when they weren’t.  Being that manager is far from easy, it required the right mind-set, focus and skills. We train managers to manage the right things in the right way so that they maximise the success of their team and the individuals in it. On our programmes managers uncover their own leadership style, good leadership habits and the ability to challenge without making people cry.

Leadership Dev
Commercial Skills

Commercial Skills

Having a thriving business means having an interesting, solvent client base.  Winning this requires skill, focus and great organisation.  We help agencies with everything from creating their own sales strategy (if you don’t have one you end up with the wrong clients for you) to coaching your team to engage with the scary guys in procurement and everything in between. 


One of our areas of expertise is Big Pitch coaching, so if your team has got a huge opportunity on the horizon, or if you’d like to see more of them, we can give you the confidence and techniques you need to turn those big opportunities into big business relationships.

Account Management
Big Pitch

Account Management

Happy clients and happy teams are key to thriving as a business.  We help account execs, manager and directors get in right and make it look easy though a raft of programmes all based in Trusted Advisor thinking.



It may be that creative thinking, passion and expertise won you the pitch but it can also be that the final negotiation turns an enviable win into a nightmare client with a negative impact on your team and ability to pay the phone bill.  Being a confident, problem-solver at the negotiation stage can prevent the high of the win becoming a real low.  If this part of the process fill you with dread, give us a call and we can help you become really pretty good at it.


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